Got my card quick. They referred me to Ann Arbor Health Collective for my meds. They had everything I needed for my condition.

Thanks for everything
Frank K.
Jackson, Michigan

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How To Obtain Your Medical Marijuana

Dispensaries, Caregivers and growing your own are the only ways to obtain your Medical Marijuana. We recommend using a Dispensaries to obtain your meds as they will guarantee the quality and purity. With Caregivers you can never be sure of the potency and quality of the meds. If you do use a Caregiver we strongly suggest asking for references and preferrably a patient with the same condition as you.

Growing your own is always an option. The problem is, if you have never grown indoors or grown marijuana personally, your chances of success are slim. Should you make it all the way to harvest, the chances of a strong and potent harvest is slim. It takes many attempts to successfully grow a successful harvest.

Bottomline is, a Dispensary will always be your best chance at receiving the meds you need for your condition. 


We  only refer our patients to dispensaries that we have thoroughly investigate their credentials and their quality control of the Medical Marijuana they receive. We do this so that our confidense in our patients receiving the proper medicine, strength, strain and price. A Dispensary is a lot like a a pharmacy and it is important that our clients realize this.

Consider this when purchasing your Medical Marijuana... if you had an illness that your doctor prescribed you penicillin to cure you would you purchase it from a stranger on the street? No! Would you purchase it from a friends friend? No! You would probably take it to the local pharmacy and have it filled like you always have. Medical Marijuana is no different.

Dispensary Vision:

To better understand and facilitate the needs of patients, making sure they have the most pleasurable and comfortable experiences with Medical Marijuana.

To respect and honor the compassionate laws set forth in state laws and guidelines.

To create and maintain an atmosphere that is based on professionalism, compassion, security, and privacy. 

To provide the widest variety of the cleanest, highest grade Medical Marijuana for patients.

To set a new standard for compassionate customer service.

To help remove the negative stigmas attached to Medical Marijuana and its loyal users.

To help paint Medical Marijuana in a new light, serving as a positive example for other communities trying to revise Medical Marijuana laws.


We do give referrals to Caregivers that we know provide Medical Grade Marijuana.  We do recommend that you run checks on Caregivers not referredby Medical Marijuana Card Doctors and ask for references from other patients on the treatment they received. Our expectations from all Caregivers is to maintain  a professional demeanor and follow all laws of both the State they are in and all guidelines associated with Caregivers.