Got my card quick. They referred me to Ann Arbor Health Collective for my meds. They had everything I needed for my condition.

Thanks for everything
Frank T.
Jackson, Michigan

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Michigan Medical conditions that qualify you for a Medical Marijuana Card. If your condition is not listed call, we can still help.

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We make the process of obtaining your Medical Marijuana Card fast and simple.

Medical Marijuana Benefits

There are many benefits using Medical Marijuana instead of prescription drugs. Learn more here.

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Possible Side Effects, Effective Uses, Potency and Tolerences, Safe Uses, Medical Marijuana First Timers and more.

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We make it easy for you to obtain your meds with our Qualified and Certified Dispensaries

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Are you a grower of Medical Marijuana? We can save you money and give you additional knowledge in growing. Contact one of your growing experts.

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Medical Marijuana Card Doctors makes it easy to obtain your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. Understanding that Michigan's qualifying conditions also includes symptons and side effects makes qualifying a little easier. If you have been declined previously from getting your card, we suggest calling us or fill out the form below and a doctor will follow up with you promptly.

Do you have questions? Medical Marijuana Card Doctors will be happy to answer any questions prior to filling out this form.  In many cases, medical marijuana is new to people. We are here to answer your questions and to explain how medical marijuana in most cases is better that pharmaceutical drugs and there is really no concern for addition.